Nor’Easter for Real! Strom Hits the Bed and Breakfast

Storm’A Coming To our Maine B&B

No sooner do I write that Spring has arrived than we are subjected to a Palm Sunday Nor’easter!  Sustained strong winds and a roaring ocean; amazing!  Sightseers, both local and from inland, flock to the coast during Nor’easters to see the strength of Nature’s most impressive creation: the sea.

Storms can be deceptive.  Rogue waves by their very nature can catch the unsuspecting and sweep them away.  We haven’t had an incident like this in years but those who risk it can be caught unaware.  Our local authorities are superb at patrolling and controlling the area during these episodes.

The Southern Maine Coast is beautiful regardless of the weather, especially here in Camp Ellis Beach where we have seven miles of sandy beach.  The color of the bay is constantly changing and the views, especially on calm days, are spectacular.

Cristina’s offers multiple lodging options.  Though we concentrate on Weekly Rentals during the Prime Summer Weeks, we offer long-term ocean front vacation rentals in Maine throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring months.  We also have bed and breakfast availability for shorter stays.  We recommend calling in advance to confirm openings.

Call us to make a reservation and we look forward to hosting you and your family.

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