Visit Cristina’s Gardens for the Summer

Planting Cristina’s Garden

We spent two full days planting and transplanting.  Cristina’s Gardens look beautiful, colorful, and, surprisingly, tranquil.  Weeping cherry and pear trees, azaleas, rhodies, coleus, (or is that colei?), and a dump truck’s worth of mulch.  Of course, the last five days have been filled with rain and winds and little chance to take pictures with the new, high resolution Nikon camera.

Plans are in store to replace the back deck with TREX and to delineate the fire pit area a bit more.  Cristina also has a plan for me to lay slate and pavers as a better way to access the beach; we’ll see if there’s time and a break in the weather.

Regardless, Cristina’s Bed & Breakfast lodging offers multiple options.  Though we concentrate on Weekly Rentals during the Prime Summer Weeks, we offer long-term packages throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring months.  We also have bed and breakfast availability for shorter stays.  We recommend calling in advance to confirm openings.

Call us to make a reservation and we look forward to hosting you and your family.

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