Visit us for Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo at the B & B!

It’s two days from Cinco de Mayo and Portland, Maine’s numerous brew pubs are awaiting the rush.  With college semesters winding down, students and faculty are looking forward to Thirsty Thursday which coincides with the Mexican holiday.

In the states, Cinco de Mayo has become a day of Spanish pride and heritage, though cynics see it as more of an American marketing event and a way to sell more Coronas, Dos Equis, tequila, and mescal.  The date, however, the 5th of May, recalls the surprising Mexican victory over the French army at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.  Regardless, it is a day for controlled partying and camaraderie.  Portland has more restaurants per capita than almost any city in the United States.  With this statistic also comes some of the best food, especially the best seafood, in the world.
Enjoy the day and celebrate the evening but celebrate with intelligence and safety.

Cristina’s offers multiple lodging options.  Though we concentrate on Weekly Rentals during the Prime Summer Weeks, we offer long-term packages throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring months.  We also have bed and breakfast availability for shorter stays.  We recommend calling in advance to confirm openings.
Call us to make a reservation and we look forward to hosting you and your family.

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